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If you are a resident of, or landowner in Ottoway and want to have a say in relation to the development of Ottoway, then you can join up with other like-minded residents. You can e-mail comments and documents for posting on this site, like a blog, except that it will attempt to be a bit more structured and monitored. Your comments will be posted (unless you state that you do not wish them to be), subject to them conforming with relevant laws and the objectives of this website.

Relevant officials, including elected representatives will be invited to respond to the issues raised. Three issues that have generated some interest so far are:

NB: other issues have also been raised.

The following figure provides an initial snapshot of how us Ottoweigens feel about some key issues.

Straw poll on Ottoway issues: average rankings (n = 26)
Note: A 'SurveyMonkey' poll was conducted in December 2013.

For more information and analysis, click here.

Positive steps forward to date:

State Government has all but ruled out a motorsport complex at Gillman under a new plan for the area, preferring a Tailem Bend site instead.
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure has identified the former railway land as being surplus to its requirements, thereby opening the possibility that Council could seek to obtain it for the purpose of creating a park.
Minister for Transport and Infrastructure's invitation for Port Enfield Council to seek State Government support for the development of the open drain running down the middle of Eastern Parade, through the Minister for Water and the River Murray.
occasional EPA monitoring of Sims Metal noise when a ship comes in for loading.
opportunity to provide feedback on options for improving Eastern Parade drain.
Ombudsman report into Council's assessment process of Kerry Logistics development application.

Concerns to date:

excessive noise at night from Sims Metal in April, June, September and November 2013;
refusal of Council to overturn its decision to extend Kerry Logistics' hours of operations, after identifying an assessment omission during the application assessment process;
refusal of Council to review the assessment of Kerry Logistics development application (which resulted in an extension of operating hours) against the processes and procedures followed in making the initial decision, per its own review guidelines (refer to clause 9.2).

To have your say, click here.

You can also use this website to post photos (eg, of local events), advertise gararge sales or notify of items lost/found.

Page last updated on 23 December 2013